It helps them organise all of their study notes, supporting material and assignment. It also allows them to interact online with their tutors and peer group and share their progress with their family and mentors.
study smart
Setup all the courses, modules and topics you are studying in the virtual exercise book. Against each topic maintain your personal study notes and files and build a catalog of online reference websites, videos and worksheets.

religeous studies
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be organised
Keep track of all your upcoming coursework, tests and exams using the virtual school diary. Optionally send your assignment to members of your study network to review your work before handing it in.

December 2018
Year 11 Geography
Only 12 days to go!
Keep working on that assignment!
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share and improve
Share your course notes and assignments with selected individuals in your study network. Allow them to make suggestions on your work and attach links to websites and videos to help you with your studies.

I have added a link to a great website for your Vocabulary - Word Types studies.
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test and compare
Use the scholars virtual exam room to test your abilities in various course modules. Select the topics you want to cover, difficulty level and duration. Share your results with individuals in your study network. Track your improving progress in each topic or see how your scores compare with your selected peer group.

410.36 [DIV] 100
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practice makes perfect
Support your studies with online tutoring sessions using the built in virtual classroom. Find a suitable tutor and then arrange a suitable time and date. During the session share any of your course notes, assignments or test results, or alternatively let the tutor share a website or worksheet.

read and debate a news story
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ask and answer
Use the built in discussion rooms to interact online with other scholrs. In the student common room chart socially or debating relevant news and topics. In the subject form rooms as for and provide answers to a to particular topic question.

What's it called when you use more words than is necessary?
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