about scholrs
Students can use scholrs to maintain their study notes, organise their assignments, test and compare their progress, setup online or offline tutoring sessions and discuss topics and issues with their peer group. All of these activities can be supported and monitored online by members of their study network.
make it your own
scholrs can be highly personalised by the individual user including the colour and theme of the interface
wherever you are
The site can also be used in a whole range of languages including English, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Japanese, Hindi, Arabic, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Tagalog, Indonesian, Malaysian, Thai and Vietnamese are supported. Others can be added on request.
scholrs for students
Students can setup their individual personal profile including their location. They can also setup their school timetables of academic studies and extra curricular activities and build a list of all their current qualifications. The student can easily control how much of this information is visible to other users on the site.
scholrs for tutors
Professional Tutors can setup their personal profile details, specify the courses and tutoring methods they offer, the days and times they offer their services and any specific periods they will not be available.