be organised
Create all your homework, coursework, class test and exam assignments and then track, compose and research them online. Share with members of your study network to review the work before submission.
create assignments
Assignments can be easily added a students diary by specifying the assignment type, the subject topic it relates to and the date it is due or taking place.
organise and track
Any assignment, past or present, can be easily found and accessed by the student using the built in browse and search functions
Assignment Notes
The student can easily maintain their notes for an assignment anytime anywhere using the built in content editor. Alternatively they can use the integrated google search tool to enrich their research with online content.
assignment library
For each assignment the user can also put together a research library incorporating uploaded files and documents. This can be enriched by adding links to online videos, websites and images using the integrated google, photo and YouTube search tools.
share and review
The student can share the full details for any of their assignments with members of their study network and then ask for feedback and advice before submitting the piece of work.