study smart
Setup your study courses and the associated modules and topics and then maintain your personal study notes and reference links. Then share with your study network to allow them to review, suggest and support.
study courses
Students can quickly and easily add a study course to their profile by selecting the curriculum, exam board (if applicable), level and academic subject. scholrs supports both UK and major international curricula.
modules and topics
Under each study course the student can setup all the underlying modules and sub-topics and indicate which ones are currently being studied and which ones have been completed.
study notes
The student can easily maintain their study notes for each course topic anytime anywhere using the built in content editor. Alternatively they can use the integrated google search tool to enrich their notes with online content.
study library
For each study topic the user can also put together a study library incorporating uploaded files and documents. This can be enriched by adding links to online videos, websites and images using the integrated google, photo and YouTube search tools.
At any time the student can generate a revision pack which brings together all the study notes, files and references for the selected module. These packs can be studied online, printed, exported to PDF or shared over email.
Parents and mentors can support a student's activities by purchasing built in study packs for any of their course modules.