test and compare
Using the virtual exam room the student can take online tests, share the result with their study network, track their progress or compare their achievements with a selected peer group.
A student can quickly and easily design and create a test by selecting the topic, duration, difficulty level and answer type.
After the test has been created the user will be taken to the exam room where they will be asked to provide the answers to the generated questions within the allotted time available.
the result
After the student has answered all the questions they can submit it for marking upon which they will be instantly shown a summary of their answers along with an overall grade.
track your progress
The student can use the built in dashboard to view their test history, track their aggregated grades, monitor their progress and review their achievements.
compare yourself
Using the leaderboard the student can see how their results, progress and achievements compare against those from a selected peer group
A screenshot of this feature will appear here soon....